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  • LETTER: Appalling behavior by students

  • There needs to be swift action and appropriate repercussions.

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  • Open letter to Greece Central School District:
    I have just seen the video of Karen Huff Klein being verbally harassed by your middle schoolers on bus 784. All of the involved students need to be appropriately disciplined. I also wish to convey how dismayed I am that this is what we see of the students in your school system.
    I happen to work in the Johnston County School System as a substitute teacher here in North Carolina, and was also raised by a former teacher, now vice principal. I know what good behavior is. I know what bad behavior is. And I know what absolutely unacceptable behavior is. This would be the latter. This is appalling behavior, and you should be ashamed that your school is now famous for this. This poor woman is trying to do her job (for which she is paid abysmally) and she has to put up with this!? Unacceptable! I am a poor college student and am still donating to the website created to help her retire or give her a vacation. It is appalling!
    There needs to be swift action and appropriate repercussions. Your students are now famous for being rude, inconsiderate, immature, wholly disrespectful animals.
    North Carolina

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