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By Keith Walters
March 16, 2012 12:01 a.m.

This is a picture of my laptop keyboard. Why is there a picture of my laptop keyboard? Partially because I couldn't sleep last night so I decided to mess around with a new point and shoot camera I purchased… but also because yesterday was a milestone for Apple. Apple shares broke the 600.00 mark for a brief moment in trading, but what does that mean? If you have invested in Apple over the years, odds are you have been quite profitable in doing so. Lets break it down a little bit…


Say you were in the market for the first ever iPhone back in 2007. If you had taken the 499.00 dollars it cost to purchase one and instead decided to invest it in apple stock, you would have 1460.00 today! That is kind of modest though… right? Time to turn this into more substantial numbers. Lets instead say the year is 2001 and you hear about some fancy device that is designed to play MP3s called an iPod. This is trendy item, and you are hip, so you decide to invest 399.00 dollars to purchase one. Now you can get rid of all your CD's and have your favorite music in one spot. Life is good, right? Of course it is, but what if you had waited even a year to buy an updated iPod and instead taken the 399.00 dollars you spent on the first one and invested it in Apple stock? Today it would be worth about 12,000 dollars! 


I will take you back a bit further now… what if you had bought the original Powerbook G3 250 in 1997 for just under 6000 dollars? Today this machine is probably worth less than 100.00, but if you had invested the 6000 dollars in apple stock in 1997 it would be worth 330,000 dollars today! Makes me wish I had a time machine… Some experts say that Apple stock could hit 1000 dollars per share. Pretty crazy right? Have a great weekend!

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